Our Team

Imanuel Fuzailov

Imanuel Fuzailov, DPT, Chief Physical Therapist and President

Dr. Imanuel Fuzailov, DPT and his wife Mariya Fuzaylova, OTR/L both graduated and received their degrees from TOURO College, in New York. Together they have over twenty years of experience working in different rehabilitation settings helping adults and children regain their strength, self confidence and functional abilities.

Imanuel and Mariya believe giving the right attention and proper care to any of their patients will result in achieving maximal results and improvements in their physical and functional abilities.

Owning private clinic and offering both disciplines is a challenging experience. However, both of us are striving to give proper care, utilizing our professional experience, good listening and communication skills. We are practicing in the Bronx clinic for over 5 years and we are proud in gaining trust of our patients that come back, refer their family members and friends to be under our qualified care by receiving needed help to regain their function and performance.

We are known to various doctors in a community and many hospitals in the Bronx that refer their patients to us knowing that their patients will receive proper and needed care in physical and occupational therapy.

Dr.Imanuel Fuzailov, DPT- Physical Therapist earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2008. He worked in early intervention with children as young as 6 months old and a home care performing physical therapy to patients after surgeries in their homes. While working in different private offices in New York City, Imanuel developed independence, self confidence and experience that he utilizes in his practice until now. Dr.Fuzailov, DPT constantly develops his knowledge through continue education courses that he applies in his practice to improve patient’s quality of care.